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As an experienced contemporary classical and orchestral composer with extensive knowledge of multiple instruments and musical styles, I specialise in writing custom music of all genres, styles, and instrumentations. 

I am available to work with clients who require custom music for motion pictures, commercials, TV documentaries, online campaigns, trailers, etc. and more. 

My credentials include: 

  • Film scores of all genres: Hollywood-style orchestral and contemporary classical music, rock, techno, jazz, funk, latin, etc. and many others to suit my clients' requirements. 

  • Writing and arranging for strings

  • Writing and arranging for jazz horn ensembles

  • Producing high-quality recordings from arrangements or compositions of my own and others

  • Applying music technology to my compositions

Get in touch if you are looking for custom music for your films, events, advertisements, commercials, trailers, theme music for your websites, businesses, etc. I am available to work with my clients in person, either at my studio or a location of their choice, to ensure a high-quality bespoke delivery of my services. 

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